Fordham University School of Law
Intellectual Property Law
Spring 2003
Professor Joel R. Reidenberg
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This course is designed as an introductory overview of the protection of intellectual property. The course will examine the policies underlying intellectual property law and will teach the basic principles of trade secrets, patent, copyright, and trademark law. Particular emphasis will be placed on the challenges of new technology to the legal regime for intellectual property. Merges, Menell & Lemley, Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age (2nd edition, 2000).  Reading assignments will be posted on the course web page. An online class discussion group will be used for supplemental exploration of topics and for the dissemination of any changes in the syllabus readings. My office is Room 334 and I will hold regular office hours on Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 4:30pm with several exceptions that will  be announced in class during the semester.  I will also be available for office meetings by appointment.  In addition, I will hold "virtual office hours" via e-mail, 24 hours/day at <> and will be available for evening videoconferencing by appointment. This course will have a letter graded, open-book examination covering only those materials assigned for the course and the online discussion.  In exceptional cases, class participation, including participation in the online discussion group, may increase the final exam grade by one third of a letter grade.  Attendance and advance class preparation are required. Any student who is regularly absent from class or unprepared may be penalized. All assignments refer to the casebook ("CB").  Supplemental readings may be added through this web page or the online discussion group during the semester.

Week of January 6

    INTRODUCTION :                                    CB, pp. 1-30

    TRADE SECRET PROTECTION :            CB,  pp. 31-49

Week of January 13

    TRADE SECRET PROTECTION :             CB, pp. 49-65

    TRADE SECRET PROTECTION             CB, 71-95

Week of January 20     (N ote:  No school Jan. 20)

    TRADE SECRET PROTECTION :              CB, 97-112

Week of January 27     (Note:  make-up scheduled for Jan. 31, Rm. 311)

    TRADE SECRET PROTECTION               CB, 112-222

    PATENT PROTECTION :                          CB, pp. 123-138

    PATENT PROTECTION :                          CB, pp. 138-151; 1007-1016

Week of February 3     (Note:  Class cancelled on Feb. 5)

    PATENT PROTECTION :                          CB, pp. 175-190; 194-195

Week of February 10

    PATENT PROTECTION :                          CB, pp. 195-208; 1041-1052

    PATENT PROTECTION:                          CB, pp. 250-255; 262-277; 1052-1057

 Week of February 17  (Note:  No school on Feb. 17; Monday schedule on Feb. 18)

SNOW DAY: Feb. 18

PATENT PROTECTION :                         CB, pp. 277-284; 303-310; 315-327

Week of February 24

    COPYRIGHT PROTECTION :                 CB, pp. 345-364

    COPYRIGHT PROTECTION:                     CB, pp. 364-382

    COPYRIGHT PROTECTION :                  CB, pp. 399-409; 912-914

Week of March 3

    COPYRIGHT PROTECTION :                  CB, pp. 914-940

    COPYRIGHT PROTECTION :                  CB, pp. 432-442; 966-976

Week of March 10

    COPYRIGHT PROTECTION :                 CB, pp. 490-507; 976-988

    COPYRIGHT PROTECTION :                CB, pp. 543-556

Week of March 24

    TRADEMARK PROTECTION :              CB, pp. 557-574

    TRADEMARK PROTECTION:              CB, pp. 592-598; 608-619; 628-630

Week of March 31

    TRADEMARK PROTECTION:              CB, pp. 641-649; 654-655; 657-667


Week of April 7


    TRADEMARK PROTECTION:              CB, pp. 680-696

Week of April 14

GUEST LECTURE:  TRADEMARK/BRAND LICENSING     Review:  Problem   Term Sheet   Standard Form License

TRADEMARK PROTECTION:              CB, pp. 697-709; 726-734

Week of April 21  (Note:  No classes on April 21)


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