Fordham University School of Law
Intellectual Property Law
Fall 2005
Professor Joel R. Reidenberg
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This course is designed as an introductory overview of the protection of intellectual property. The course will examine the policies underlying intellectual property law and will teach the basic principles of trade secrets, patent, copyright, and trademark law. Particular emphasis will be placed on the challenges of new technology to the legal regime for intellectual property. Merges, Menell & Lemley, Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age (3rd edition, 2003).  Reading assignments are posted below. 
  • Class Schedule
  • Please note that Class will meet on Tuesdays from 11-12:25pm and on Thursdays from 11 - 1pm.  Class will not meet on Sept. 13, 15, Oct. 4, Oct. 27, and Nov. 17. An online class discussion group will be used for supplemental exploration of topics and for the dissemination of any changes in the syllabus readings.  Each student should maintain a current email address in Blackboard. My office is Room 334 and I will hold regular office hours on Thursdays from 3:45pm to 5:00pm except on Thursdays when there is no class.  I am also available for office meetings by appointment and can be contacted by email at <>. This course will have a letter graded, open-book examination covering only those materials assigned for the course and the online discussion.  In exceptional cases, class participation, including participation in the online discussion group, may increase the final exam grade by one third of a letter grade.  Attendance and advance class preparation are required. Any student who is regularly absent from class or unprepared may be penalized and may forfeit eligibility for course credit. We will cover approximately 50-55 pages per week. All assignments below refer to the casebook ("CB").  These may change during the semester and any modifications will be indicated on the course web page and in the online discussion group.

    Week of August 30

        INTRODUCTION :                                    CB, pp. 1-26

        TRADE SECRET PROTECTION :            CB,  pp. 27-51

    Week of September 6

        TRADE SECRET PROTECTION :             CB, pp. 51-72

        TRADE SECRET PROTECTION :             CB, 72-104

    Week of September 20 

        No class

    Week of September 20 

        PATENT PROTECTION                      CB, pp. 105-128 (skim pp. 105-111)

        PATENT PROTECTION                        CB, pp. 133-134; 932-949; 136-144; 147-148; 949-950 (please read in prescribed order)

    Week of September 27 

        PATENT PROTECTION :                          CB, pp. 154-172 (skip problems, skim comments/questions);

        PATENT PROTECTION :                          CB, pp. 172-183; 196-201; 208-21; 951-964

    Week of October 4     (Note:  No Class on Oct. 4)

        PATENT PROTECTION                            CB, pp. ; 215-235; 263-265; 964-973; 291-296

    Week of October 11

        No class

    Week of October 18

        COPYRIGHT PROTECTION                CB, pp. 319-344

        COPYRIGHT PROTECTION                CB, pp. 344-349; 354-363; 366; 374-376; skim 869-874 (skip problem); 874-886

    Week of October 25  (Note:  No class on Oct. 27)

        COPYRIGHT PROTECTION                CB, pp. 890-901; 378-386; 395-396

    Week of November 1

        COPYRIGHT PROTECTION :                CB, pp. 402-423; 425-426

        COPYRIGHT PROTECTION:                   CB, pp. 443-449; 450-461; 462-465; 481-490; 493-496

    Week of November 8

        COPYRIGHT PROTECTION :                  CB, pp. 496-511.  Grockster (to be provided)

        COPYRIGHT PROTECTION :                  CB, pp. 512-528

    Week of November 15     (Note: No class on Nov. 17)

        TRADEMARK PROTECTION :                 CB, pp. 529-546

    Week of November 22    REVISED (No class Thursday-- Happy Thanksgiving!)

        TRADEMARK PROTECTION :              CB, pp. 546-571


    Week of November 29 REVISED

        TRADEMARK PROTECTION:              CB, pp. 571-599                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     TRADEMARK PROTECTION:              CB, pp. 614-639
    Week of December 6

        TRADEMARK PROTECTION:              CB, pp. 675-690; 710-717


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